This is my project wall. On the majority of these films I was a digital compositor using AfterEffects, Nuke, Mocha, Photoshop and Syntheyes, but a few I was writer, director, editor and storyboard artist. Click on a poster to see what I contributed and check out my demo reels to see some of my work.

My VFX Effects Demo Reel

My FCP Editor Reel

Four years in a row I was the editor for H. Heros entry in to the 48 hour film competition. SATO 48 is a competition where participants have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a 5 minute short film that meets a different set of criteria every year. You cant expect a lot from the results, but I always have a great time working on them.

SATO48 2007

SATO48 2008

SATO48 2009

SATO48 2010

While I worked on these projects in a variety of functions, all of the clips on this page and the film
pages were edited by me.




































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