Ive spent the last fifteen years making sure that no matter the project, I am a valuable asset toward its successful completion. I'd love to be a part of your project. Here is how I can help.

Visual Effects Compositor---I have dozens of film and television credits and I have worked on hundreds of television commercials from the simple rig removal to face replacements, stereoscopic compsiting and conversion and building a shot from the green screen up.Ive spent over thirteen years working with Photoshop and Aftereffects and have five years experience with Nuke and other helpful programs such as Mocha and Syntheyes.

Video Game Artwork/Animation---I have over four years experience working with various video game development studios worldwide, so I know the process and possible pitfalls of your average game dev cycle. Pixel sprite art and background tile set creation is a speciality, as is outside the box thinking in order to conceptualize the most interesting and efficient animation possible. With our background in 3D, texture art is another item we have previous experience with. The only thing we can't do is...well, nothing.

Concept Artist---A major part of my work on videogames is taking the few ideas and desires of the publisher and fleshing out a world around it. I love to go over an environment or character concept again and again adding in little details to make the image a richer experience for the viewer. I also design creatures and environments for television and feature film.

Storyboard/Story Artist---With more than a decade of experience in life drawing, cinematography and film production I have created storyboards for Film, Commercial, Industrial, realistic, cartoon, vector; whatever style you need I would be more than happy to create to help your client or investors be able to see the action before a single frame is shot. Not only are storyboards a great pitch tool, they save you money via planning and problem solving without wasting lots of man hours.

Matte Painting---With a combination of over a decade experience working with Photoshop, Aftereffects and various 3d applications, I can create photorealistic environments for any projects needs.




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