Hello. Welcome to Knights End.

We've composited muppets, vampires, werewolves, tigers, comic book heroes, dinosaurs, giant robots, gore and pestilence aplenty. We have worked on summer blockbusters and arthouse indies. We have created pixel animations for video games sold across the globe and illustrated childrens books and collectible card games. We've also worked on video installations that have been featured in the MET and the Lourve. Its all about range. At least, we hope so.

We spent years working in Los Angeles with hundreds of amazing amazing artists on all sorts of projects. However, with more and more vfx work being shipped overseas it became obvious that working within view of the Hollywood sign was no longer the best way to do business. So we went home to the midwest, where we can charge less per project and still maintain the high quality our clients deserve.

Knights End Studios is an expandible cloud based studio. Day to day its a studio of one, myself Darrell Claunch. However, we can expand to over a dozen artists overnight if thats what your project demands. Our favorite clients are the indie features, shows and games, who are often overlooked by larger studios who dont want to work with a budget less than 2 million. But as far as we are concerned, it seems like thats where a lot of the fun and innovation lie. Check us out below if you are in need of a visual effects, game or illustration studio. Contact or cyber stalk using the links below. If you want to check out my resume, click the Knights End logo in the upper left of the page.


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