VFX Demo Reel

A small sample of types of shots I have completed. For a full list of my credits, check out my IMDB page

Ad Agency Reel

Not all work is explosions and aliens. I tend to do a great deal of cleanup and beauty work for various advertising agencies. Your shot needs to be evergreen, but there are Christmas decorations in the background? Removed. Snow when your calls to Jack Frost arent going through? Ive got you covered. Makeup cant cover the fine lines or odd shadows for 4K footage? Ive got the digital fountain of youth. The product works well, but not at a speed that looks great on camera? Dont worry, 100% coverage.

Visual Effects Services


What can we do for you?

I've given you the broad strokes as to what we can do. The specifics?

Visual Effects compositing

 From simple rig removal to face replacements, stereoscopic compositing and conversion and building a shot from the green screen up. I have nearly twenty years experience working with Photoshop and Aftereffects as well as Nuke and other helpful programs such as Mocha and Syntheyes. Removal and cleanup as well as cleanplate creation are a personal specialty.

2D Video Game Artwork/Animation

 I have  experience working with various video game development studios worldwide, so I know the process and possible pitfalls of your average game dev cycle. Pixel sprite art and background tile set creation is a speciality, as is outside the box thinking in order to conceptualize the most interesting and efficient animation possible. 

Concept Artist

 A major part of my work on video and role playing games is taking the few ideas and desires of the publisher and fleshing out a world around it. I love to go over an environment or character concept again and again adding in little details to make the image a richer experience for the viewer. I also design creatures and environments for television and feature film. 

Storyboard/Story Artist

 With more than a decade of experience in life drawing, cinematography and film production I have created storyboards for Film, Commercial, Industrial, realistic, cartoon, vector; whatever style you need I would be more than happy to create to help your client or investors be able to see the action before a single frame is shot. Not only are storyboards a great pitch tool, they save you money via planning and problem solving without wasting lots of man hours. 

Matte Painting

 With a combination of nearly twenty years of experience working with Photoshop, Aftereffects, Nuke and various 3d applications, I can create a photorealistic environments for any projects needs utilizing camera tracking software.